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Austin Lasseter, PhD
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Software Developer & Machine Learning Engineer

A life-long learner, I love to share with others the latest advancements in automation of AI/ML in the AWS cloud.

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About Me I'm fascinated by the intersection of Software Development and Machine Learning in the cloud!

Cloud-Native AI/ML Software Engineer

Hey! I'm Austin Lasseter and I'm a software engineer and tech instructor located in Northern Virginia. My specialty is building and deploying machine learning models for my clients. I lead remote & onsite courses in data science, artificial intelligence, and cloud deployment. I love learning new ways to create digital products with Amazon Web Services, and to share with others what I've learned and built.

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My Toolkit

AWS Sagemaker
AWS Lambda
plotly dash
AWS API Gateway
AWS Textract
AWS ElasticBeanstalk
AWS Glue
Apache Gremlin

Projects A few examples of machine learning applications I've built and deployed. I share these with my students as part of my AI/ML course.

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Deploy an NLP model with SageMaker and Lambda

I deploy a Sagemaker serverless endpoint for a trained NLP model and then connect it to an API Gateway endpoint with a Lambda function.

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Blog Post

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XGBoost Digit Classifier

Uses plotly dash, scikit-learn and xgboost to receive handwritten images and predict probability for digit recognition.

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CNN Dogs vs Cats Classifier

A convolutional neural net with tensorflow that receives any image and predicts probability for image classification using the kaggle 'cats vs dogs' training dataset.

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Topic Modeling of Medical Transcripts

I applied Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to cluster unlabeled medical transcripts into similar topic clusters. Classification accuracy and coherence score evaluate the optimal model.

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Deep Learning for Survival Analysis

This project predicts time til server failure, using a dataset of 125k web servers from 2015. Final analysis employs a neural network model (DeepSurv Neural Cox Analysis) with F1 Score of 96%, ROC-AUC score of 86%.

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Additional Projects

A blog post showing how to deploy a Sagemaker endpoint for a trained NLP model and then connect it to an API Gateway endpoint with a Lambda function to predict classification of user inputs.

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Courses Between 2018 and 2022, I've taught over 500 students to build and deploy machine learning apps on Heroku and AWS. Often I wrote original content; sometimes I repurposed public examples from the web but gave them my personal stamp through modifications and reorganization of materials.

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Deploying Python Applications on Heroku

This course introduces students to Flask for app-building, Plotly for visualization, and Plotly Dash for building simple ML applications. We use Heroku and Docker to deploy the apps to the web.

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Deploying Deep Learning Apps on AWS

The course introduces students to tensorflow and keras for trainining and optimizing deep learning models. We use a combination of AWS services (Sagemaker endpoints, lambda functions, API Gateway, S3 static website, ElasticBeanstalk, Chalice) to deploy the trained model to the web for inference. We learn three modalities for deployment: static website (via S3 and API Gateway), web server (via ElasticBeanstalk) and serverless (via Chalice and Lambda).

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Certifications A tangible measure of the learning and exploration I've done over the years.
AWS Certfications

  • AWS Data Analytics
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • AWS Certfications

  • ScienceLogic Certified Expert
  • Udacity AWS Machine Learning Engineer
  • Comptia Security+ Cybersecurity
  • AWS Academy Accredited Educator
  • General Assembly Data Science Immersive
  • ScrumMaster Certification
  • IBM Certified Statistics